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TM / Globe:  0953-249-6482
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TM / Globe:  0936-471-9888
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TNT / Smart: 0963-984-4998
Landline (Tel):  (062) 945-4780

Latitude: 7.8705
Longitude: 122.5596
Altitude: 99m
Please observe using the #GAITF eSystem for Security and Safety!
GAITF is now working towards Education 5.0 with the following Online Systems:
GAITF SIMS (School Information Management System):
GAITF LCMS (Learning and Content Management System):
GAITF HRMS (Human Resources Management System):
GAITF CRMS (Client Relation Management System):
GAITF Online Accounting System:
GAITF Online Update:
GAITF Official Domain/Website:
GAITF eLearning on Youtube!
Please be advise to Schedule for Appointment before Campus Visit for any immediate concern for us to address and assist you.
We only accept appointment via GAITF eSystem.
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